Spending the holiday at home.
As much as I want to go out or catch up with my favorite series, and enjoy the holiday, I am stuck in front of my computer, doing research I should have done ages ago. I don’t understand why I’m always not in the mood on doing things for this subject, it’s not totally boring and uninteresting.
Anyway, on other news, I had my first interview earlier on the new job I’m applying for. It’s not very different with the previous I had but I think the compensation is more reasonable with this one, we will see.
I hope you, guys are spending your holiday (long weekend for some) right unlike me, ye know. Enjoy!

Spending the holiday at home.

As much as I want to go out or catch up with my favorite series, and enjoy the holiday, I am stuck in front of my computer, doing research I should have done ages ago. I don’t understand why I’m always not in the mood on doing things for this subject, it’s not totally boring and uninteresting.

Anyway, on other news, I had my first interview earlier on the new job I’m applying for. It’s not very different with the previous I had but I think the compensation is more reasonable with this one, we will see.

I hope you, guys are spending your holiday (long weekend for some) right unlike me, ye know. Enjoy!

Monte Cafe | Antipolo, Rizal - 08/18/14

After a failed trip to Pinto Art Gallery (we went there Monday only to find that it’s only open from Tuesdays to Sundays), we headed to this small cafe. I’ve been seeing good reviews and photos about it so this was what I suggested to my friends. It wasn’t easy to find, we rode in a tricycle but we ended up in a different place so we decided to walk and ask the locals instead (even though tricycle drivers were offering us a ride and was assuring us they know the place, we learned our lesson).

45 minutes, we walked, we finally found Monte Cafe. The ambiance was nothing but comforting, we were so tired, it was all that we needed. The food was so-so, you know, typical cafe. But what I really loved about this cafe was its interior, simple  but it’s the kind that tells you something, it was compellingly beautiful.

I would probably go here again despite the distance. Ah, I wish there’s something like this in Manila!


I loved the Buffalo Wings! You, guys should try it when you had the chance to visit!

Cape Santiago Lighthouse x Burot Beach, Calatagan Batangas - 08/16/14


Midterm week was approaching, I was longing for the beach, I wanted an escape.

The sun had risen so high, I was still in bed. I was uncertain whether or not to reach for my burning hunger, I closed my eyes and imagined the waves, the taste of the sea water, that’s when I finally got up.

I endured the almost five-hour ride, the traffic jam was appalling, the heat was kind of unbearable, with the ordinary bus I was riding, my strength was drained. After such long hours, I got to the Cape Santiago Lighthouse, it wasn’t in the original plan but I was already in Calatagan, anyway.



The lighthouse has been standing there for more than 120 years now, it used to be a hideout of the Americans during the Japanese time, was made in to an inn later and now, it just serves as a guide for the boats and ships and whatnot.





Kuya Junior is the one taking care of the lighthouse, he’s also the one who guides the tourists. He’s the third generation, he said his grandfather was the original caretaker before duty was passed down to his father and then to him.


65 steps we mounted, and my breath was almost taken. The strong wind came swooshing, everything my eyes reached was calming. There, on top I felt fear and bliss at once.






Last look at the lighthouse gave me a nostalgic feeling, I thought of that time when there were still Japanese rounding the place, waiting for their targets. I know I was never there, it seemed uncanny but that time, I felt like I was, looking at them, sending my warning to the ones inside like I have telepathic powers (lol to this, okay).



Off to the beach we go, it felt so good to finally feel the sea breeze, to smell the salt water, to hear the waves. I wanted to jump, I wanted to drown myself with everything I see.







I wish I could have stayed more, but having to see the nothingness beyond the sea was more than enough for me (at least for that time for I was in rush for the buses bound to Manila’s last trip).


The Sunday Currently | Eight - 08/17/14


Oh how I love weekends! Like what I’ve planned, I was able to hit the beach and visit a lighthouse. After calling everything off days before, I decided to push through it the night before, realizing how it can help me focus more on the following days. Ah, I want more, more, more, please!

R E A D I N G We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. I love how metaphoric and poetic it is, it’s brilliant and beautiful.

W R I T I N G directions and whatnot for tomorrow’s adventure!

L I S T E N I N G to Lana del Rey. Yes, I don’t know what life is without her music.

T H I N K I N G of possible jobs I can apply for.

S M E L L I N G hotdogs! I’m in the kitchen and I’m lucky enough to have a brother who cooks to give me snack.

W I S H I N G for longer weekends and more dough!

H O P I N G that I’d be able to remember most, if not everything, I studied for our exams tomorrow.

W E A R I N G a shirt and a shorts, the usual.

W A N T I N G to edit photographs. But nah, I still have to review some things.

N E E D I N G a new hairstyle. I’m tired of just putting my hair in a bun.

F E E L I N G determined for tomorrow’s exams! Please, please, let me remember everything.

L O V I N G how everything is going to what I’ve planned.

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Life in Squares

As I scroll down my blog, I realized how boring it is. Haha! I’ve been only posting The Sunday Currently ones, see. I have pretty arid life but here are some photographs that I posted on Instagram which can summarize what’s been happening (what I’ve been doing) in (with) it.

1. I’ve been spending most of my free time in cafés if not in my room and this little one just became one my favorites. I love how bright and white the place was and their coffee was just so good!

2. Mocha and Bucky’s Buckies ‘n Cream: aka my usual fix at Toby’s Estate, it was a great way to spend a rainy afternoon.

3. My two-year-old notebook, the witness on how I worked hard in writing through those years. I’ve been using it a lot lately, rewriting and stuff.

4. I was planning on going to Maginhawa for some food trip but the weather that day was not for long commutes and all and Maginhawa is just far from my school and home so I just went to try Kimukatsu and I have no regrets! I loved everything about this katsu place!

5. Italian night with my Food Buddies! We loved everything but the Quattro Formaggi! It was kinda sad because I love all about it. But well, I’ve missed my girls and I was glad we were able to finally catch up.

6. During Cinemalaya’s first day of showing, my sister and I went out to watch some entries only to find out that tickets were already sold out for that day so, we had coffee (well, fresh milk for my sister lol) instead and helped ourselves with Classic Confections’ luscious cakes!

7. It was a rainy day and instead of staying indoors, I went out to the mall, lucky to find that Cafe Shibuya had opened a branch in Glorietta! See that picture there? Everything in it was perfection!

8. So white and clean and classy this mall!

9. Every Tuesday and Thursday, I have four hours vacant time which I mostly spend in the library. And I do everything to keep myself from ditching my class after that.

10. June-July book haul. I need a new bookshelf!

I update more on Instagram because well, I can just post photographs there. Just incase you’re interested, you can follow me at ronithology!

Going YESSS, YAMAN with my 4 Pre-Loved Items!

It never occurred to me selling my old stuff since I saw some ad of olx.ph. I mean, if you could see my room right now, it’s such a mess! There are a lot of stuff scattered that I don’t use anymore or even those I bought but never used. And inside my closet, that’s the scenario.

And so I decided to sort my things and start selling them online. But it wasn’t easy like I thought it would be. It’s just that, there are some that even though there’s no use anymore, the memories and sentimental value intact to them is just priceless. But there are things we have to let go, as long as the memory of that thing remains, I don’t think the value will go away.

So here are the four things I chose to let go of. There are a lot of stuff I’m still trying to decide upon but for now, here are the ones that served me well and are ready to serve other people.

1. ‘The Beatles’ T-shirt


Nothing can describe how much I love The Beatles. People might say, “How can you? You weren’t even born during their time of fame yet,” and that is indeed true. But I was brought up with their music, my parents lulled me to sleep with these men’s voices, I even made homework back in elementary with their songs in the background. So by that, I’ve grown to love them, and despite the pool of new music nowadays, I still end up listening to them. When I was in high school, I started collecting The Beatles items: vinyls, posters, shirts and whatnot. And this shirt right here was the first one I purchased. I have so many shirts with The Beatles in it, but this will always be my favorite because I purchased it with my own dough and the memory of that day was just so memorable. But it doesn’t fit me anymore and I don’t see any use of it anymore. So no matter how important this shirt is to me, I am now giving it up. I feel bad, of course but being reminded that their music, from the first place is the one that I truly love and not those any collector’s items out there, woke me up and pushed me to finally give this up.

2. Messenger Bag from Marithé Francois GirbaudDSC_8709

Before messenger bags became mainstream - because of satchels, (I am proud to say) I already loved them and had one. Well, this probably not your kind of messenger bag but before satchels, I think this was what sale clerks would give you when you ask for one - or not, whatever. Okay, this bag right here was what I used during the exams back in high school, it’s not so big but it’s the right size for daily essentials (my iPad 4 can fit here without its case). Even if it’s more than five years old, it’s still in good condition. But the thing is, I usually use my iPad with its case and I use it everyday so I hardly use this bag anymore.

3. The Giver by Lois Lowry (mass market edition)


This book is one of my favorites, one of those who changed how I view life, Lois Lowry did an amazing job making this one. So, why would I want to sell this? Simply because I found the edition that I would want to have and it’s kinda expensive so I need more money (hehe). This is actually unused. I’ve read this book long time ago and then lost my copy so I bought another one. If you’re not into reading, I recommend this one (if not the Harry Potter series) and I promise you, you’d look forward for more.

4. Aqua Pix Lomo Camera


This one makes me ache. I mean, it’s really hard for me to let this go because it was very useful to me. It became my company to almost every trip I went through alone, it’s the witness of my warm smiles and breath-taking places I’ve been to. But now that I’ve bought Nikon F2, I don’t think I’ll be able to use this still. At some point, I told myself that no, I would never give my buddy up but I remembered Andy from Toy Story 3, and just like that, I felt that I have to.


So to the future owner of these babies, “You gotta promise to take good care of these guys. They mean, a lot to me.” (Andy, Toy Story 3, 2010)

Whoo! That was an emotional one! But seriously, aside from the fact that I have to let go of some things, I also want to earn from it. Who knows, someday, I’ll be Yesss Yaman because of it! ;)

If you are interested with these items, you can visit my olx page here for more details!

The Sunday Currently | Seven - 08/10/14

image (84)

It was Cinemalaya week, the only film (indie) festival here in the Philippines that is brave enough to showcase masterpieces outside the bandwagon. The entries this year are all so interesting and not your ordinary film. I was not able to watch all the 15 entries which I wish I had.

There’s really not so much to tell, my life right now is pretty boring. Next Saturday, though, I am planning to go to the beach, hopefully, the weather would cooperate.

R E A D I N G Wuthering Heights and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban. I mentioned last time that I am rereading the Harry Potter series and unfortunately, I’m in a slow mo.

W R I T I N G a paper for Investigative Journalism. I’m getting sick of all the paper works this professor is giving us!

L I S T E N I N G to Lana del Rey. This woman’s music has everything I need.

T H I N K I N G of quitting my part time job. Yes, I do have one, and although it’s home based, I think it’s eating up most of my time.

S M E L L I N G coffee. I know it’s already late and I might find it hard to sleep later but I am still drinking, I need this.

W I S H I N G for a sensible mind. I sometimes feel like all I do is blab shits.

H O P I N G for good grades. After the preliminary exam, I am really looking forward to see how good (or bad) I did.

W E A R I N G a camisole and shorts. It’s just so hot for pyjamas.

W A N T I N G to hear how the waves approach the shore. Ah!

N E E D I N G to work out. I keep on gaining weight. And as much as I don’t care, I don’t want wearing just shirts and (now tight) jeans.

F E E L I N G so excited, planning for my next trip.

L O V I N G the thought of the beach, sand, and rock formations!

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The Sunday Currently | Six - 08/03/14


Thank God this week’s over! It was our exam week and I have to admit, I wasn’t at all prepared. I did everything to get through it, though. Anyway, it’s all over now and I had an amazing weekend! I went out with my sister to watch some entries of Cinemalaya but ended up eating out and catching up on what’s happening with each other’s lives. Same with my Food Buddies. We went to this Italian restaurant I was dying to try and really loved it! Although it’s kind of a typical weekend, I’m happy to have spent it with the girls I love wasting my time with. ;)

R E A D I N G through the poems I made the past days and it just amazes me how can emotions add up to the beauty of such things.

W R I T I N G a review for All the President’s Men. I have a deadline to meet (tomorrow!) and I don’t think I can make it!

L I S T E N I N G to One Direction’s Story of My Life. Ha-ha, okay, it’s my dad who’s actually listening to it. Not my kind of music but I find it cool that he listens to that kind despite the generation gap, ye know!

T H I N K I N G of ways to improve my photographs more. I’m never satisfied when it comes to them.

S M E L L I N G the air freshener my mom put in my room. I don’t know what it is exactly but it smells like rain (it actually does!). Ah I love it.

W I S H I N G for more hours in a day. 24 hours, not enough!

H O P I N G for better days. You know, the ones that you can enjoy doing school works and outside school works without stressing yourself too much.

W E A R I N G an over-sized shirt that looks like a dress on me now. So comfy!

W A N T I N G a KNITTED sweater. I’ve always wanted to have one.

N E E D I N G a sweater. I haven’t been to the mall to shop for clothes and I’m running out of sweater to wear with this kind of weather.

F E E L I N G nervous for the review I’m making. I hope I’ll finish it in no time.

L O V I N G how responsible I became after suckish years I’ve spent in college. I can feel it, I can keep this up!

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After that announcement Karpos made at Wanderland last May about Bombay Bicycle Club’s Manila concert, I looked forward to it every single day, I listened to their music more than ever to calm myself, and I started saving for the ticket. Months prior to it, though school started and everything got messed up. A professor of mine announced that we have to interview someone for our preliminary exam on July 23, yes, the exact date for BBC’s concert! At first, I was like, okay, who cares, I’ll still watch. I can always ask for special exam or something, I even joined Spinnr BBC promo where they’ll give away two tickets and meet and greet passes to two winners!

So weeks passed, and exactly twelve days before the concert, the day I should buy my ticket, my professor reminded us for the interview and told us how he won’t give us any second chance in case we’ll miss it. At first, it didn’t sink in, but after the class, I just wanted to kill somebody - aka that professor. I was so pissed and miserable I spent every dough I earned for that concert to foods and books.

The day before the concert, I was feeling okay. I mean, I have already accepted that I’m not going and it’s okay because there’ll be next time (damn it, who am I kidding?! Of course I was not okay!). I felt tired, my class that day was upto 6pm and I’ve been in school since 8am so I decided to cut. I arrived home passed two in the afternoon and my mom welcomed me with, “Nag text prof mo, cancelled daw interview nyo, kailangan nyo daw muna mag briefing.” (Your professor sent me a text message, your interview got cancelled because he hasn’t briefed you yet) - I don’t have a cellphone so I give my mom’s number to every person asking for my number. And before I even reacted, “Tsaka may tumawag sa Smart ko, hinahanap ka, sabi ko 6pm pa uwi mo. Four digits lang ‘yung number e, hindi ko na din natanong kung sino, nag panic ako.” (And btw, someone called too, looking for you. I told her you’re not around and you’ll be home around 6pm tonight. It was a four-digit unregistered number, I wasn’t able to ask the name, I panicked). And then, it knocked me, I told myself, it’s Spinnr and I won, it has to be.

I waited and waited for 6pm, and three minutes earlier, my mom’s phone rang and there it was, the magical four-digit number. I answered, and true enough, it was Spinnr, congratulating me for the two BBC tickets and meet & greet passes I’ve won! I can’t describe how happy I was, I even danced in front of my family (I’ve never done that in my whole life).

I called my friend, Joan - who has become my buddy for anything - immediately and told her the good news. We were both so overwhelmed and grateful.

The Meet & Greet:

Before the actual concert we first met the Bombay Bicycle Club! I know, right! While we were in line, Joan kept on blabbing things, punching me and all. I, though was keeping myself together.

The boys were too formal. Haha! I don’t know but I think we were starstruck-ed too and just shook their hands. And although Jaime noticed my shirt and told me he loved it, I just said thanks and smiled for the picture-taking (BUMMER!).

Suren’s my greatest crush among the boys. I really wanted to hug him and all but as what I’ve said, they were too formal. So before we leave, I just told him, “I love you, Suren,” which I doubt he heard. Arghhhhh! And as expected, after the meet & greet, both Joan and I were like, “We should’ve hugged them!” we said that over a million times up to the end of the show, to the bus.

The Actual Concert:

She’s Only Sixteen started the show and to be honest, they weren’t bad. I thought they’d be, though. I listened to them before and I didn’t quite like their songs but hearing them perform live is a different story. The lead was badass and he’s like no fear in performing! Anjo, the one on the guitar was, okay forgive me, hot! I don’t know but I’m looking forward on seeing this band perform again.

The interval was kinda unreasonable, I’m never good at standing, so it stressed me out! But when the boys finally came out and sang their first song, all the muscle pain just went away and I jammed with everyone else.

They started with ‘Overdone’ followed by ‘It’s Alright Now’ which are two of my favorites on their album ‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’. Those boys know how to connect to the audience with the music they offered. They barely talked, yes, but their music was more than enough to keep us, their audience alive (and high).

Many said that they’re way better live and true enough, their live music gave justice to the recorded songs I was listening to almost everyday and more. 

As the night went on, as the boys performed, the more I realized that I was meant to be there, listening and singing, savoring their music, watching and screaming. Third song, fourth, fifth, and so on, then they ended the set with ‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’. But we’re not idiots to let them go just like that. The crowd screamed, chanting for more, they came out one last time and performed ‘What If’ and ‘Carry Me’.

Those two (almost) hours were the most surrealistic hours of my life. I almost can’t believe that it’s all over, it was a helluva night I’d probably remember and tell to every person I’d have conversation with the next days. As we went out the WTC, we carried the warmth in our hearts and smiles on our faces brought by the Bombay Bicycle Club. I wish it won’t be the last. See you again, Boys, no matter how long that tomorrow could be.


"I’m so stupid not hugging ‘em boys!"