1. Hi, guys! I kinda redid my Instagram and I’m loving my new-faced feed so far. You can follow me at ronithology if you’d like to! I won’t promise to follow back but I promise to check your feed and follow if it goes with my interest. I’m trying to keep my feed flawless to share clear beauty of the places I’ve gone to, random things that caught me, foods that gained my appetite and whole lot more!

    These photos are the only ones I could share with you guys for now since my laptop is currently off and is at the repair shop. I promise to post more the moment I get it back.

    I hope you guys are enjoying your summer/spring (or in whatever season you’re in)!


  2. I Wanna See You but You’re Not Mine

    If you’re in Manila and one of those people who lined, waited and shouted their throats out for Matty, you probably know why this post is entitled that and what this post is all about.


    I didn’t know The 1975 is one of Filipinos favorite until the day I heard about their series of performances here. I’ve always thought that I was the only one who actually loves and listens to them (tell me this isn’t impossible). I was really surprised - and disappointed because come on, I should be their solo audience - when I saw the feedback on the announcement. Everyone was just raving about them on Twitter, well, everywhere! Raving about the rumors - which they confirmed later on - about the song they’re supposedly making about One Direction - everything goes back to 1D, see. I mean, I hope people here didn’t just start listening to The 1975 because of that because they deserve more than that.


    I discovered The 1975 during the release of their first EP, the Facedown. I was first caught by their song The City which struck me and was like playing in my mind for the next months since I first heard it. After hearing it, I started searching for their other songs but found out they’re only starting.


    I don’t really fangirl - staring at their photographs, adoring their faces, searching for information about those bands I love or whether there’s a chance for them to go here in my country, see. I listen to their music is all. Sometimes, I’d just be surprised that they’d already released new single/album. And I’d be like, “Why am I knowing this just now?!”. And even that day when I found out that The 1975 was going here was accident. I almost died when I knew it’s for free - or so I thought! 


    I arrived in Glorietta around 2pm (the concert started around 7pm), I thought I was damn early but found long lines when I got there. I asked the guard how can I enter the concert area and told me that I should have a ticket. DOUBLE WHAMMY! How can I not know there’s a ticket?! When I asked him again on how to get one, he told me that there’s none already. I was really about to cry because even those spaces on the second and third floor were full when the guard told me I can stay at the side if I have a receipt of 500 worth of anything as long as it’s from Glorietta. I immediately bought food (YES, WORTH 500) and gave the guard the receipt, he signed it and let me in.


    I waited for hours. At 6pm, they started to allow those people with tickets to go inside the concert area while I was there at the side - but nearly front, can barely see the stage.


    When my boys finally went out the stage, I can’t help it and screamed the hell out of me! They were so gorgeous! They started playing and god, Matt and Adam were the hottest performers I’ve ever seen! While everyone joined the group, singing, I just savor the feeling of listening to their eargasmic - LIVE!!! - music.


    I didn’t join the audience on singing until Sex. God knows how I love that song and how hot Matt Healy was while flipping his hair. It wasn’t until then when I realized that I was actually fangirl-ing. I loved the feeling! The joy of just absorbing their music while sighting their gorgeous faces, god!


    Yes, maybe I still wish to have a picture with them and hear them talk to me but I think that’s too much to ask for the 500 or so bucks I spent. But still! It’s all the experience that matters anyway. After all, it’s not really their faces I was after from the first place, it’s their music. And I think, it’s more than enough that I’ve heard their music live. 


    This wasn’t the first concert I’ve been to. But this was the first concert I’ve been to where the performers’ music really entertains me. And before this, I always wonder why people spend lots of dough for concerts, but now that I’ve felt what they probably felt every time, I think this won’t be the last time that I’ll be watching a band I love perform live, even if that means that I might be spending more dough.



  3. DSC_5938


    I don’t know why but I do really have a heart for cameras - well, photographs, photography - they just give me satisfaction and warmth whenever I capture things, whether it’s that building stuck along a busy street or that grumpy man, walking pass me or those withered leaves that have fallen from a tree, living on the alley, every simple things waiting to be noticed. And since opening a photo album makes more sense to me than opening my phone or my iPad or my laptop to look at photographs, I bought myself this Instax Mini 90. You know, nothing is better than taking a photo and seeing the outcome instantly printed. I’ve been wanting to have a Polaroid - a real Polaroid, I mean - since forever but since it’s hard to find that kind these days (in my country, at least) I settled for this one, it’s actually as good, I think - based on the reviews I’ve read and watched - well, better in some ways with its special features. After a month of not spending (eating) too much - on foods and books, I finally have it in my hands, caressing it like a child. I wish my allowance could get higher, though (HI MOM). I mean, I am targeting Nikon F2 next, an SLR - which is more expensive (I think, Idk) - so, fingers-crossed! And oh, not to mention my fondness to digital photography too, I love editing/enhancing photos, I use my Nikon D3200 and my iPad usually, but I’ve been wanting to have a GoPro since it’s lighter and more easy to carry, plus it has waterproof case and I think it’s better for videography (I’m learning), but you know, student probs. Gah. But give me a year, I promise you, these cameras will be mine!


  4. Cookie Shots: The New Cronut?



    After the cronut bandwagon, Dominique Ansel introduced new creation that’s receiving really good response from foodies, the cookie shots! It’s a chocolate chip cookie shaped like a shot glass. You put milk - or what ever you prefer - drink and nip the cookie shot! It’s a pretty cool idea that many people all over the globe followed.

    Of course, will the Filipinos get left behind? No. So Ivorie Acosta, owner and baker of CookieBar offered her version of the cookie shots!

    A balanced bittersweet chocolate chip cookie shots that go perfectly with or without milk! I love the touch of saltiness on the cookie, it gives more thrill and uniqueness to the bittersweet taste.


  5. Review: Divergent Movie

    While Divergent is one of my favorite books, the movie seemed to be more disappointing than what I had expected it to be. I am so used to disappointments about books turned into movies, I’ve felt it over a million times. It’s always, “That’s not what happened in the book!” “He’s not the one who did that!” “I didn’t remember him doing that in the book!” Blah blah. But as time goes on, I’ve realized that it goes that way. That producers, writers and directors have to somehow improvise what really happened in the book. You know, eliminate those not-so-important scenes or add some things to justify other changes, after all, they only have 2 hours or so.

    In the Divergent movie, however, I felt a different kind of disappointment. The cast line up didn’t do much good, the changes weren’t justifiable, I felt a pang of pain after the movie.

    I don’t have anything against Shailene Woodley - she is very beautiful - but I think the role just didn’t fit her. At first, I thought I was just judging her for thinking that she won’t be able to give justice to Tris when I first heard about the casting - because I don’t really know her, haven’t even watched her until Divergent. She lacked intensity on her voice, I didn’t see Tris’s angst in her, even Tris’s supposedly stubbornness didn’t show up. The Tris in the movie was such a kid. Well, not until the last part, the control room part because Shailene did good there.

    The other casts like Peter, Drew and Molly were the same. I mean, they were less taunting and I didn’t see their jerk parts. Al is another thing. He’s supposed to be a cry-baby, a scared fat bitch, but he’s nothing like that in the movie. I don’t know if it’s them or it’s the script or whatever. But one thing is sure, I wasn’t satisfied.

    Some casts did good, though. Four was well, Four, I was pretty convinced that he was really Four but oh my god why is he so hot?! I liked Eric and Christina too! Although Christina could use to be more girly, but she did okay.

    So as what I’ve said, it’s not only the casts. Everything seemed to be lessen. You know, the action, intensity, or even the “feels.” Another thing I loved about Divergent is the scenes of Four and Tris, those scenes that could have given the audiences so much feels.

    The first part of the initiation was - I’m sorry - lame. The fighting scenes were so much lighter, it could have been darker and heavier. I hoped to at least give my “ah!” or “oh no stop” but no.

    Another thing that irritated the hell out of me was when Tris called Christina “Chris” I mean, wth?! I was like, what about don’t call her that ever again? And did Edward get stabbed in the movie? Because I didn’t see that. I don’t know if it was shown during those 5 minutes when I went to the comfort room or what.

    What will happen to Insurgent? I hope the casts, script and the movie itself will improve. And I hope, those people who make these award-winning books in to movies will try harder to achieve and meet the readers’ expectations.

    The soundtrack is perfect! I so love it! I actually got carried away because of the songs played!


  6. Adorablement Succulent Petits Biscuits



    I can’t remember how or why I started searching for good french macarons. I mean, I can still remember the first time I tasted this cookie but I got fond of it way before that. Maybe it was when I still spend most (all?) of my time on Tumblr (yea, I rarely post - reblog - on Tumblr these days - it might not look like it but, trust me, this is “rarely”). It all started with Tumblr, see. There are thousands of photographs of this adorable little cookie here that might attract your little eyes - and tummy - even if you’re just scrolling down. They’re cute and adorable with those pastel colors and they look classy even.


    Since day one, I’ve been wanting to try and taste authentic macarons. I mean, I have tasted PAUL’s but it’s nothing special. You know, some locally made macarons I’ve tasted are even better. The best one for me was Bizu’s and next Chez Karine’s - although really, the rest comes after, like I seriously liked each french macaron I’ve tried. But PAUL, still, is at the bottom of my list (that is if I have one, do I?), ironic as it may seem because it’s the authentic one, but trust me, it was good too.


    So last February, I’ve met a french girl in Zambales - her name I can’t remember but I think it’s Miriam - when I went there to surf. She’s been in the Philippines for like 3 weeks that time, traveling alone. We were the only guests in the hostel we stayed in so we didn’t have anyone but each other. She told me stories, mostly about her travels, how she loved the Philippines and how she loved the foods here. I asked her about France and learned many things about it, she made it sound like there’s nothing special there, though. Like, how I’d talk about Manila if I’d tell someone stories about it maybe. Haha! The talk went on and on, then I can’t resist it anymore so I asked about french macarons but regret it after because she can’t stop talking about it. I felt envious. She’s like, “Oh it’s good! It’s really really good! I can actually make one, it’s very easy!” She mentioned Ladurée, having the best macarons in town. I told her I’ve been in search of good macarons here in the Philippines and been wanting to have a taste on Ladurée macarons. And she told me I should because even if it will cost me a lot of dough, it’s worth it.

    Opportunity knocked me down after some time. I saw this online shop on Instagram - @myfrenchdeli go, and check them! (I can’t remember how I got there, you know) They offer goodies from Europe and accepts special orders if you want to buy something there, and luckily, were accepting pre-orders for Ladurée macarons that time because the owner - I think - will come home here in the Philippines from Paris. I was so happy, I sent them message immediately and ordered!

    When the macarons arrived, I got my camera, took some photos and munched on it! There are three things I love about it (three things that will make me buy it and overspend for it over and over again). First, crunchy outside and soft inside. Unlike the other macarons I’ve tasted - which is always either super soft or crunchy inside and out - it still tasted fresh even if it travelled thousand miles for a day or so. I remember getting irritated seeing my french macarons moist and all after traveling for just 30 minutes. Second, it has thick filling. One reason why locally made macarons I’ve tasted were either super soft or crunchy is that they have a minimal filling like there’s nothing hindering your teeth from cutting them in two. Ladurée’s will make your teeth feel that they have to go through the thick filling before they can cut it, if you know what I mean. And third, it’s less sugar and more flavor. When they say it’s chocolate, you’ll really taste chocolate and not just tons of sugar. Every flavor is good! Really, no joke. I got 14 macarons with 9 flavors and I felt thankful that they doubled other flavors because everything was just so good! Really flavorful, every bite made me believe to utopia. I thought Miriam was just exaggerating it when she told me about Ladurée, but now that I, myself have tasted it, no wonder she’s reacted like that.

    Some things are worth spending even if it’s just a little cookie or a little pen or maybe that designer bag. As long as it will make you happy. You know nothing’s better that being able to say, “I once tasted (or had) that and it felt surreal.” Like what they say, YOLO!